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    Hotel Lungomare

    Immaculate Conception In Riccione

    08/12 - 11/12/2022

    The long bridge of the Immaculate Conception this year offers you the opportunity to escape from the city for a few days. The sea in its winter guise is there waiting for you

    Hotel Abner's

    Offers In Riccione Ponte Immacolata 2022

    08/12 - 11/12/2022

    In Riccione the Christmas spirit can be breathed as early as December 8th. For the Immaculate Conception, allow yourself a few days of relaxation by the sea
    from € 54,00 € 45,00 per person per day

    Hotel Corallo

    Immaculate Conception In The Family

    08/12 - 11/12/2022

    From Thursday 8 to Sunday 11 December discover the Christmas atmosphere in Riccione!
    from € 99,00 per person per day

    Hotel Mon Cheri

    8 December: Immaculate In Riccione

    07/12 - 11/12/2022

    This period before the holidays brings with it all the excitement of the upcoming surprises and all the poetry that every year in December with its winter sea is

    Hotel Maestrale

    Immaculate Conception In Riccione

    06/12 - 11/12/2022

    Choose our offer for the Immaculate Conception in Riccione, this year the calendar offers you a great opportunity, 4 days of celebration before Christmas

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